Our engagement

Since 2018, we have invested in a production tool in Portugal.

We are constantly evolving to offer a range of products according to trends and ensure with our partners, the entire production chain in a radius of 80 km. 

We wanted a responsible company, based on local production, to develop a European  economy with a strong environmental commitment by developing recycled and sustainable natural fibers.

65% of the electricity consumed in Portugal comes from renewable energies 


Since 2021 we have been involved in a partnership with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and are cheerful to participate in this chain TOGETHER FOR A CLEAN OCEAN which gives us meaning to our products.

Since 2022 We have outsourced all technical operations to focus on product and material creation and development

1 - Sublimation printing

First step, we print your design on the roll of Seaqual Fabric by digital printing and transfer calender

The thermal sublimation process brings an incredible print quality, as the ink pigments are integrated directly into the support, they bring a high-end and elegant effect very appreciated thanks to the shimmering and luminous colors by guaranteeing brilliance and intensity. incomparable.

This technique ensures the durability of prints, excellent color rendering coupled with good resistance to use and maintenance (Machine washing possible).

And above all it is an ecological print due to the nature of its water-based inks.

2 - Laser cutting

Second step, we cut each piece with an automatic laser machine

The laser cutting table, equipped with an edge detection camera, can be adapted to all shapes of designs and quantities ordered.

This technology makes it possible to cut by welding the edges and avoid fraying of the fabric.

3 - Garment

We manufacture the final product

Thanks to our specialized partnerships, we provide manufacturing know-how and can be very responsive. 

All our partners respect the Portuguese labor code and have the ControlSafe approval in force in Portugal.  

4 - Shipment

To each his job!

This is why we strive to bring you an all-inclusive service by offering you the best pricing & solutions to deliver to your warehouses in Europe, USA and more.